5 Reasons Pets Are Good for Seniors

Less stress
Lower blood pressure

Stroking a cat is calming and having a cat snuggle with you can help you feel better and put you in a better mood. One study concluded that people who own pets are more likely to have lower blood pressure than those who do not have pets.

Less loneliness and depression

Cat compationship can help you ward off depression and feel connected to another life. Just having a cat to come home to and spend time with can help people who are single or widowed. Caring for another creature can help you take your mind off your worries.

Better health

Seniors take good care of their pets – and better care of themselves – when they own a pet. Studies show that owning a pet increases immunity in humans, as well as a sense of happiness and well being, and even results in fewer trips to the doctor.

Increase activity

Seniors with pets are generally more active than those without pets.

Pets are friends

Pet owners, especially Senior pet owners, often call their pets their friends. Someone you trust is always around.