Lynn Chiche and Pam Casey

Lynn Chiche – SpayMart CoFounder

Mrs. Chiche has been involved in animal welfare since 1995 when she co-founded Southern Animal Foundation, a non-profit humane organization committed to reducing the numbers of unwanted surplus animals through aggressive spay/neuter programs.  She served as President on the Board of Directors and spearheaded fund raising efforts that successfully purchased Louisiana’s first mobile spay/neuter clinic which provided free spays and neuters to animals of  indigent pet owners.  The mobile clinic serviced 25-35 animals per day, operating five days a week.  In less than two years, 5,000 surgeries were performed in the Greater New Orleans area.

In May of 1999, Mrs. Chiche co-founded SpayMart, a 501(c )(3) non-profit organization providing spay/neuter assistance to animals of indigent pet owners as well as feral cat caretakers through local participating veterinary offices.  Pre-Katrina, the clinics operated five days a week and sterilized approximately two hundred animals each month.  Additionally, Mrs. Chiche partners with PetsMart, Petco, local veterinary offices and feed stores to facilitate pet adoptions in the greater New Orleans area.  By partnering with local businesses in the community, she has made them part of the solution to end pet overpopulation.  Each year, SpayMart adopts out approximately 300 animals through it’s adoption programs.

Mrs. Chiche, together with co-founder, Pam Casey, has numerous community service awards including an award from the SpayUSA Convention held in New Orleans in September of 2004 for spaying and neutering over 10,000 animals, the most of any organization in the State of Louisiana. Lynn presented at this convention a systematic approach to reducing the number of surplus animals through aggressive spay/neuter and adoption programs.

Mrs. Chiche served on the committee with the New Orleans City Council, Animal Control and the Louisiana SPCA to establish standards of care for animals in the greater New Orleans area.

Prior to Katrina, she was working to open the State’s first and only large volume low-cost spay/neuter clinic to service both dogs and cats of the general public.  These clinics, coupled with educating the public regarding responsible pet ownership, have proven to be the single most powerful method of ending pet overpopulation across the United States.  Although SpayMart’s clinic was totally destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, the organization continued working with local veterinarians, as well as with other animal organizations to provide uninterrupted spay/neuter services.

Mrs. Chiche received the Civic Award from the Jefferson Chapter of the Alliance for Good Government on August 14, 2006 for her heroic water rescue efforts of New Orleans animals stranded in flooded homes following Hurricane Katrina.

Pam Casey – SpayMart CoFounder

Mrs. Casey joined the Jefferson SPCA in the early 1980’s and went on to open the first no kill shelter in Jefferson Parish.  She spearheaded a spay/neuter, foster and adoption program.  The humane education program targeted elementary grades throughout the parish, along with a syndicated column on kindness to animals.  Jefferson SPCA also sponsored a summer camp for children to educate them on the care and needs of animals.

Mrs. Casey went on to launch a statewide spay/neuter program that enlisted over 50 veterinarians in the State of Louisiana before joining Lynn Chiche in establishing what is now SpayMart.  During this time, she was instrumental in getting the special pet overpopulation license plate offered to drivers in Louisiana to raise money for state wide
spaying and neutering.

Mrs. Casey, with co-founder, Lynn Chiche, opened a shelter several years ago in Mississippi where the rescued Hurricane Katrina and abused animals are housed.  She and Mrs. Chiche are still sheltering and adopting about 250 animals from this location, while those needing constant vet care are housed at a second location in New Orleans. SpayMart, a non-profit humane society, continues its sterilization and adoption program to this day and has been recognized by the City of New Orleans for its unique and valued contribution to the city.