Adopt a Felicity Cat

Adopt a Felicity Cat

Sweet Nelson, Grace and Mia

Felicity Cats –  Sweet Nelson, Grace and Mia  have had a difficult year.  But, now they are fantastic and ready to find a purrfect home.  Please help us help them finish their happy endings.

Sweet Nelson

Sweet Nelson is now breathtakingly gorgeous. But you should have seen him the morning he was abandoned in front of our thrift store with a pleading note from his owner begging for help. She explained her love for him but no resources to provide for the medical care he so desperately needed. After numerous vet visits, he was diagnosed with auto immune disease, which resulted in open sores covering most of his body. With proper medication and lots of TLC, he is the most handsome, gentle boy you can imagine.

Grace – has been adopted!  Congratulations!!!

Amazing Grace can run and play like most other 3 month old kittens. At only 8 weeks of age, she was a victim of unfathomable cruelty. Placed in a paper bag and thrown over the Power Blvd overpass, she landed 50’ below on I-10E, facing oncoming traffic. Spotted by an EMT who witnessed the ordeal and realized the bag contained a small kitten because her hind legs were protruding, he scooped Grace up and contacted SpayMart for help. Her little hip was totally shattered and her body contained multiple bruises and lacerations. But grace is a fighter and very forgiving. After hip surgery and lots of TLC at the SpayMart shelter, she has forgotten all about I-10E and spends most of her days racing around the shelter wrecking havoc as only kittens can do.


Mia was left to die by the side of the road in a blinding rainstorm. Rescued by a stranger who said his conscious wouldn’t allow him to look the other way. She was paused and motionless at a stop sign, soaking wet. She understood her best chance at survival was not to move. Upon arriving home, he quickly realized she was blind. Painfully thin because it was impossible for her to look for food, he fed her and sought help from SpayMart. The medical examination revealed she was congenitally blind in one eye and infection had completely destroyed the other. The infection was so extensive, the eye had to be removed. The nurturing at the SpayMart shelter allowed Mia to heal physically as well as psychologically. Today, she understands you don’t need eyes to give or receive love- just someone who cares for you.