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Gato’s Story

Gato lived happily for eight years in a loving home before her person got engaged and there was no room for a cat. Gato is a good cat, but she’s confused as to why she’s at the sanctuary and not home.  When she was first surrendered, she was full of anger, frustration, fear and uncertainty, her only line of defense was aggression. At the slightest hint of human interaction, she would hiss, strike out and growl. This behavior went on for what seemed a lifetime, well over a year. The end result was stress on top of stress, ultimately ending in health issues and bladder stones. After her extensive surgery to remove 9 bladder stones, everyone noticed a drastic change in Gato’s behavior. When her caretakers approached, instead of hissing, she looked up inquisitively. As days passed, she began meeting staff at the door and meowing instead of growling. Now, it’s all about purrs and making biscuits. It took almost 2 years to restore her faith, but she is ready to try again.  She spends a lot of  her time looking out the window and hoping for better days.  Can you make that happen for her?

About Gato

Gato grieved for a long time when she was given up, but she’s come around and is a nice cat.   Gato needs a low key environment with no children or other animals. Someone who treasures this kind of love and trust.  To learn more about Gato contact us by email or phone.   Or complete the Pre-Adoption Questionnaire to adopt Gato.