Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace can run and play like most other 3 month old kittens. At only 8 weeks of age, she was a victim of unfathomable cruelty. Placed in a paper bag and thrown over the Power Blvd overpass, she landed 50’ below on I-10E, facing oncoming traffic. Spotted by an EMT who witnessed the ordeal and realized the bag contained a small kitten because her hind legs were protruding, he scooped Grace up and contacted SpayMart for help. Her little hip was totally shattered and her body contained multiple bruises and lacerations. But grace is a fighter and very forgiving. After hip surgery and lots of TLC at the SpayMart shelter, she has forgotten all about I-10E and spends most of her days racing around the shelter wrecking havoc as only kittens can do.