Brendle is a gentle, sweet lady who likes living the quiet life. She loves people and getting pet, and would love a nice lap to rest on. She has a beautiful tabby coat with splashes of orange!

Brendle’s owner was quite young when she died unexpectedly, leaving 23 cats to fend for themselves. Some were given to friends, others released at barns, but Brendle and several others had no place to go. When SpayMart heard of the circumstances, the cats were brought to the shelter. Being older, placement has been difficult and she has been waiting 3 years to steal someone’s heart. Brendle likes a low key environment with no dogs or kids.

Good news is that Brendle is now in the home of her dreams.  She shares her life with two other cats and adores her owner.  Her days are filled with sunny windows and lavished attention.

Name: Brendle
Age: Approximately 9 years
Breed: Domestic Short hair
Color: Calico
Sex: Female