A Cinderella Story

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SpayMart has assisted with the “Craigslist” cat, Cinderella.  Please read her story below and consider a donation to help us receive the funds necessary for Cinderella’s recovery.  Please SHARE this page with family and friends.  Thank you!

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Cinderella’s Story

Update on Cinderella – May 31st – The Humane Society of Louisiana, whose mission it is to prevent and investigate animal cruelty, is actively pursuing Cinderella’s case with NOPD. SpayMart supports and is assisting the Humane Society in their pursuit of justice for Cinderella. Meanwhile, back at the SpayMart Sanctuary, Cinderella continues to get stronger each day. She’s a little fighter, but the hard work and dedication of our Director, Lynn Chiche, is making her successful recovery possible. Cinderella needs medication, therapy sessions, and heat and ice packs, multiple times daily…and Lynn is there and happy to help this little girl get back to feeling 100%! We will continue to update you on SpayMart’s commitment to Cinderella.

The city of New Orleans will not and CANNOT permit acts of cruelty to animals. Such acts are not only inhumane to our animals, but pose a serious threat to people who live in this community as well. On May 10th of this year an unspeakable act of violence was inflicted on a cat named Cinderella. She was forced to ingest poison and both of her hips were broken. With no where to go and unable to walk, she took refuge in a closet, suffering and waiting in fear for her owner to return from work.

Cinderella’s owner had just moved to New Orleans and found a roommate on Craigslist. She and Cinderella had moved into the apartment several weeks prior to the incident. Upon returning from work in the early morning hours, she found Cinderella unresponsive and unable to stand. She had labored breathing and her month was ulcerated, making it impossible for her to eat or drink. With no transportation and very limited funds, her owner sent a plea over the internet imploring someone to help her cat, as she was afraid she was dying. A SpayMart volunteer responded and got Cinderella to an after hours emergency clinic.

The physical exam revealed mouth ulcers, smelling of insecticide, liver damage and bilateral hip fractures. Unable to eat and unable to stand, IV fluids were administered to flush the system of toxins and hydrate Cinderella. The morning found her much more responsive and she was transported to Magazine Street Animal Clinic where the extent of her damages were accessed. As of Friday, May 16th, her liver values were in the normal range and she was able to eat from your finger. X-rays revealed, however, her hips are seriously injured and will require over $2,000 to repair. Because she is only 1 year old, and otherwise in excellent health, her prognosis is good. She will have plenty of time to heal at the SpayMart sanctuary. If you would like to donate towards her new beginning, please click the donate button above this post and your donation will go to our Felicity Fund for Cinderella. We will keep you posted as she moves forward. Thank you,


Lynn Chiche