Darla is candy to the eyes–like a true Maine Coon! She’s only about 6 years old and t took some time for her to emerge after the neglect she endured. Darla lived for many years in the home of a hoarder with over 100 other cats. Shes known hunger, disease and hopelessness, as she watched the weaker cats die from the harsh conditions they were forced to endure. SpayMart rescued them all and brought them to live at the sanctuary. Fresh food and water, clean bedding, kind words, and lots of human contact were so new! Darla and her friends began a transformation, physically as well as psychologically. Dull eyes became bright, matted coats became silky, suspicion became trust, and lethargy became playfulness. The transformation was amazing to watch. And Darla was no exception. Her frame filled out and her coat grew long and luxuriously. She turned into a true beauty inside and out. Now the time is right for her to leave the sanctuary and start a new beginning and new life of her own. She’d like to share it with someone special because she’s special.