Emma and Jackson

Felicity Charity Fund Makes a Difference

This is the season of giving and I cannot think of a more fitting story. A mother cat and her litter of two kittens decided to take up residence on the grounds of an apartment complex. Several of the tenants wanted to do the right thing, and got the mother, father and the babies spayed/neutered and released to live on the apartment complex grounds. Everyone loved the little cat family and they even named each one: Momma Cat, Big Boy; and the kittens were named Lucy and Jackson. The little family was fed and cared for by multiple residents.

Here is where the story takes a twist. A seven year old girl named Emma became enamored with one of the kittens, the black and white tuxedo named Jackson. She claimed him as her own. Unfortunately, Jackson was far from street wise and ran into to some serious bad luck. One day he wondered out into the street and was hit by a car. Emma and her family gathered Jackson up and took him to the vet.

Luckily his injuries were not live threatening but the cost to save him was out of their reach. They were told that he had a dislocated hip and would require a surgery known as a FHO (femoral head osteopathy). The cost for the surgery was $1,500 and the family could not afford the surgical procedure for Jackson. However, one of the apartment residents had adopted a cat through SpayMart’s Seniors for Seniors program. She learned of Jackson’s situation and was able to put Emma’s family in touch with SpayMart. SpayMart arranged for vet care and Jackson’s surgery; and an appeal was sent to SpayMart members asking for contributions to the Felicity Fund to offset the costs.

After the surgery Jackson was returned to Emma and her family. Since this accident Emma’s family decided to make Jackson an indoor cat. What is most heartwarming is the letter that SpayMart received from Emma. Here is what she wrote:

[quote]“My name is Emma  and I am 7 years old. My pet brother’s name is Jackson after Michael Jackson. He is my best friend. Thank you for Spay Mart and helping Jackson. He got hit by a car and had surgery to fix his hip and leg. He now lives inside and we share my room. He always takes the covers and plays with my Barbie dolls. Next year, I am making a lemonade stand and ask people to buy lemonade, cookies and brownies to help other animals that are sick or get hit by cars. I am going to give all the money to SpayMart.”[/quote]

Situations such as this present themselves to us on an all too frequent basis and SpayMart helps when we financially are able to do so. This situation was particular touching as this young child is willing to donate her small earnings from her lemonade stand to thank us for saving her baby!