Felicity Charity Fund – September 2012 Success Stories

It has been a busy, successful and expensive month for the Felicity Charity Fund.   Beautiful cats like Nadia , Mr. Kitty and Yetti are grateful for your continued support.  To donate to the Felicity Charity Fund, use the DONATE button or send a check with the memo Felicity Fund to P.O. Box 6493, Metairie, LA  70009.    Donations can also be made at the SpayMart Thrift and Gift at 6601 Veterans Blvd. in Metairie.

Nadia   This weekend, Nadia joined a household with another cat and two children!

Nadia is a lovable, playful 4-month old kitten.  She looks like any other brown tabby kitten unless you look closer.  Suddenly,  you realize she is missing her back left leg.  It is nothing more than a slight inconvenience to Nadia,   as she darts around the Spaymart office with all the other kittens.

Nadia’s life has been anything but typical.  She was born to a feral mom and spent her younger days as part of a feral colony, wary of humans and keeping her distance.  Her former caretaker is bound to a wheelchair, but always found a way to feed the neighborhood strays.  Unfortunately, due to the numbers, no one missed little Nadia when she didn’t show up for feedings.  Almost a week went by before the caretaker realized she wasn’t there.  After asking neighbors and looking around, she was spotted hung up in a wooden fence, unable to free herself with a badly injured leg.  For over a week she endured a painful leg, hunger and several violent thunder storms.  But still she hung on, hoping against all odds someone would find her and rescue her. A volunteer with Spaymart was kind enough to capture Nadia and take her to a local vet. It was determined the leg was gangrenous and had to be removed immediately.  She was also extremely thin and dehydrated.  But all of her problems were fixable and fix is what we did.  Nadia responded so wonderfully to love and medical care.  Her leg has healed and stitches have been removed.  Her idea of heaven is draping her legs around your neck and giving  kisses.  She has learned to trust people and play with other kittens.  Her whole life has turned around because of the Felicity Charity Fund and the help she received.  This weekend, Nadia joined a household with another cat and two children.  None of this would have been possible without your compassion and generosity.  She thanks you from the bottom of her heart.  And so does her new family.


Mr. Kitty Because of this wonderful fund, he and his owner got a second chance.

Mister Kitty hadn’t been feeling well all day.  His owner noticed he was in and out of the litter box most of the day attempting to urinate with little or no success.  The next day he urinated inappropriately in the sink and she could see specks of blood splattered about.  By the third day he had stopped eating, was lethargic and hiding under the bed.  She grew very concerned and frantically wondered what she was going to do.  She was experiencing serious financial difficulties and knew there was no money for vet care.

A friend told her about the Felicity Charity Fund with Spaymart.  She called the organization asking for help and explained how hard it is to watch your pet suffer and die because of personal hardships.  Mr. Kitty was taken to the vet immediately and it was determined stones had completely blocked his urethra.  He would have died in 24-36 hours and was only two years old.  Because the damage was so extensive, it was impossible to pass a catheter and PU surgery had to be performed in order to save Mr. Kitty’s life. Because of this wonderful fund, he and his owner got a second chance.  It is your generosity and your support that made it all possible.  If you would like to see miracles continue for animals in need, please donate to the Felicity Charity Fund today.

Yetti we are confident that she will have no trouble finding a home considering her outgoing, determined spirit

Yetti was an 8 week old kitten when she was rescued from a high kill shelter in rural LA with only remnants of her left rear foot remaining, surrounded by gangrenous tissue.  The original plan was that she would be part of a transport up north to a no-kill facility for adoption, but she wasn’t in any condition to travel, so SpayMart pulled her from the trip.  A local veterinarian agreed to take her case and treat at no expense to the organization.  Her wounds required daily bandage changes and therapeutic laser treatments three times per week for months.  This treatment encouraged a granulation bed to form on the stump of the foot and skin to grow over and cover the exposed tissue successfully.

She now has the potential to be fitted with a prosthetic limb.  We have communicated with Dr Marcellin-Little at North Carolina State University, a recognized leader in development of artificial limbs for animals, and he is willing to take on her case.  Her prognosis is believed excellent for good quality of life and a return to normal four legged locomotion as she has learned to manipulate with and without the temporary splints used for her at present.  However, the temporary splint can only be worn for very short periods of time and the prosthetic foot would be much more useful to her.

She is fully grown now, one year later, and a prime candidate for this medical intervention.   The major challenge is funding.   Medical expenses, including CT scans, castings, the prosthetic devise itself, as well as medical consults will necessitate a funding campaign of between $2,500 and $3,000.   After rehabilitation, we are confident that she will have no trouble finding a home considering her outgoing, determined spirit and her willingness to accept her temporary splints and excellent mobility with them in place.