Fox_1544sqADOPTED! Fox was rescued as part of a cruelty case, living with 100 other cats in just one room, at the home of a hoarder. He was hungry and cold for most of his young life, only to spend the next several years at the Spaymart shelter. He never complains and is so grateful for the second chance Spaymart is giving him. Fox is quite a character, with a perky personality and rarely meets a stranger he doesn’t adore. He likes playing around with his buddies, but dreams of leaving the shelter for a home of his own with his very own guardian. Fox is very playful and quite the jokester, he really works at amusing you and promises to keep up the shenanigans if you’ll give him a chance and take him home forever and if you have it in your heart to include his best friend, Buff, in his new life that would be the greatest.