Happy Holidays from SpayMart!

SpayMart would like to wish a happy holiday season to all of our dedicated SpayMart volunteers and supporters.  Thanks to you we are able to help cats like Tryke.  Please view and SHARE Tryke’s video below to help us continue all of our programs aimed towards reducing euthanasia rates in the greater New Orleans area.

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Tryke’s Story

Tryke is one lucky kitten whose luck turned just in time for the holidays. He belonged to a feral mom who gave birth to her little family in a SpayMart member’s shed. Her plan worked well until the five little ones began venturing out. This worried Scott, their caretaker, as his neighbor wasn’t fond of cats and had often trapped and disposed of them.

Fortunately, Scott had read about SpayMart’s Neuter/Scooter campaign, a public awareness initiative to educate the public regarding humane methods of controlling feral cat populations. He decided to contact SpayMart for help. Due to a severe seizure disorder, Scott cannot operate a motor vehicle and needed assistance transporting the cats to and from the vet office for spay/neuter. SpayMart agreed to help and the TNR project got underway. Scott trapped and SpayMart volunteers transported one cat after another.

Just as the project seemed to be nearing an end, Scott was feeding the ferals and heard a faint whimper coming from the back of his shed. Peeking behind the structure, he was shocked to find a small, terrified little kitten with a badly mangled front leg. The kitten’s debilitated state was alarming. The leg had a stricture ring at its upper portion, leaving the bottom part extremely swollen and infected. The veterinarian presumed Tryke had been trapped and in his desperation to free himself, mangled his leg. Whatever the case, Scott realized medical treatment was urgently needed. Having no resources for transportation or medical expenses, Scott implored SpayMart to help. The organization agreed and sent a plea to members asking for financial support. The response was overwhelming.

Medical assessment revealed the leg needed immediate amputation. Tryke was only seven weeks old at the time of surgery but his will to live outweighed all obstacles. He responded beautifully to the procedure.  After ten days of cage rest, the stitches were removed.  Tryke was gaining weight fast but now faced the challenge of navigating on three legs instead of four.  There were initially quite a few falls, but these were only minor setbacks.  In no time, he could run with the best of them. After a month of rehabilitation, the time came to find Tryke a home.

SpayMart adoption coordinators decided to place him at the Adoption Center inside the SpayMart Thrift Store.  Here Tryke met his best friend Yoda, who was trapped as part of a feral colony himself and put up for adoption through the organization.  He and Yoda became inseparable, eating together, playing together and sleeping curled up in each other’s arms.  It was decided the two had to be adopted together.  Then some magic happened.  A retired school teacher who lived alone was shopping in the store and noticed the two kittens playing.  She was so taken by their love for one another and their irresistible personalities, she decided to take them both home and made everybody’s holiday wishes come true.  Not to mention the dreams of two lucky little boys.