It’s Gonna Be a Great Year

Thanks to you, our generous supporters, it’s gonna be a great year for homeless and abused animals.   Donate now to help us help create more success stories like Rita, Nyla and Amelia.



It’s gonna be a Great Year for Senior Cats like RITA

Rescued from the house of a hoarder, Rita had spent the last two years of her life confined to a small carrier. She and 11 other cats were stacked one of top of the other, in carriers too small to turn around, even to use the litter box. Her dismal life seemed hopeless and endless.

Thanks to Spaymart and supporters like you, Rita and her friends got a second chance at life. She is now thriving at the Spaymart sanctuary with several other feline friends, hoping to join your household.

It’s gonna be a Great Year for Homeless Cats like NYLA

Trapped in a wooden fence unable to free herself for over a week, Nyla endured hunger, electrical storms, and dehydration. Her injured leg had turned gangrenous but she clung to life. Having no family, Nyla looked to Spaymart and kind supporters for help with her medical care.

Nyla lost her leg, but thanks to supporters like you, she kept her life. Today, our little friend is sharing her life with two other felines in the home of her dreams.

It’s gonna be a Great Year for Kittens like AMELIA

Amelia was dropped off at a local shelter with 3 other siblings at only 4 days old. Too young to survive on their own, all were scheduled for euthanasia.

The situation looked hopeless, but Spaymart was there for Amelia and her siblings. After many late night bottle feedings, she is now full of life and in good health. Amelia is sharing her life with a wonderful family and four new playmates named Katie, Bear, Speedo and Mr. B.