Mazie is a beautiful calico about 5 years old. She lived with 2 other cats, one of them being her closest pal. Their owner loved all three very much and provided the best home she possibly could until she lost her home in foreclosure. She tried desperately to hang on, for her sake and the cats, but it was inevitable. Down-sizing was a difficult time, and all she could afford was a very tiny apartment, that didn’t allow pets. After dealing with her sorrow, she began making phone calls to place her cats. When a friend told her about SpayMart, it was her last hope. She dreaded taking them to the shelter, and was elated when the organization agreed to accept the cats. However, as she was loading them up for the transport to the sanctuary, Mazie’s best buddy panicked and managed to escape from his carrier, disappearing from sight. Attempts were made to rescue him, but sadly, he was never seen again. So, Mazie arrived at SpayMart without an owner and without her best friend.  She has an unsinkable spirit and will be a ray of sunshine to any home.