Mia’s Story

Mia Needs Our Help

She was all alone, wet, hungry and blind

Lynn Chiche, director of SpayMart, received this note about poor, dear Mia who was found alone, wet and starving. Mia is receiving medical care (July 15, 2014). As she recovers, we need to find a way to pay her medical bills and find her a fantastic home. We can use your help – donate, adopt, share her story –anything you can do. Thank you.

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Mia when she got to SpayMart


 Notice Sent to SpayMart

“Plzzz can u help this blind cat?? She was found in the rain one night sitting by a stop sign. The finder had nothing to put her in and was afraid to put her in his truck w his baby so he put her in the back of his truck.she must have been waiting for a miracle ride to safety and wasnt picky how she got there cause he said she never moved. They saw she only had one bad eye and was bumping into the patio chairs. They could only put her outside in their backyard. On the news there have been alot of coyotes snatching pets around there. Even though there is no way I can keep her,i had to go get her. I have 46 cats of my own and too many indoors already. But her face haunted me. Thinking of her stumbling around in the dark broke my heart. I brought her to the vet and this is what the vet said. >>> Good news n bad news. The GOOD NEWS>>>She tested negative for FeLv/FIV !!! So happy for that!!!! The One missing eye is actually still there,shriveled up ,and at a later date down the road when she is well it can be cleaned out and sewn up,and the other is congenital eye defect ‘detached retina’.born that way. Only a small of the retina is attached. There is really nothing that can be done. She can only see a lil movement. And can NOT see at all in the dark. ????. She has chronic pyroderma ‘skin infection,prob from fleas,etc! She is malnourished prob from stumbling around blind for a long time. She was given an anti inflammatory shot and is now on a 2 week course of antibiotics! And god forbid she may be pregnant. I pray she isnt. As soon as she is stronger she needs to be spayed. She is such a sweetheart. Amazing spirit. She must have been someone baby at one time. From her condition she has been wandering and suffering ,starving a while. Plzzz can you take Mia????? My conscience wouldn’t let me leave her out there but I cannot keep her. She is so loving and can’t get enough petting.”