Pearl is declawed.  Adopted by a loving family with an eight year old son, Pearl is a sweet girl who knows all about the good life.    But on one ill-fated night, her world would never be the same.

The only thing she remembers is terrifying shots ringing though the house and desperately looking for a place to hide.  And then, everything was silenced.   Days passed and  after two weeks of silence and  no food, water or contact, she realized her owner was never coming back and she was left to starve to death.

A neighbor convinced law officials to enter the house and rescue 4 of the 8 cats that survived. Pearl was one of the four who somehow made it.  She is lonely and misses her family, but is hoping someone out there will hear her story, who is searching for an adorable tabby cat.  And maybe they’ll have the perfect window sill to go with her perfect home.