Felicity Charity Fund
Felicity Charity Fund


History of the Felicity Charity Fund

Spaymart established the Felicity Memorial Charity Fund in memory of Pam and Keith Casey’s cat, Felicity.  She started her life like 250,000 other homeless animals in our city-a stray making her way the best she knew how on our streets, eating out of dumpsters, avoiding dogs, cars, disease and predation.  Rescued by the Caseys, Felicity lived to be 15 years old and passed away at home from cancer. Her wish was that other homeless animals could experience the miracle of her life and hence the Felicity Charity Fund was born.

Funds Focus

The funds focus is to target indigents who can’t afford medical services for their animals, as well as people who care for feral cats, but can’t afford to have them treated medically.
A contribution to this fund is a beautiful way to remember a beloved family pet, whose life is a direct contradiction of homeless strays. The Felicity Charity Fund is maintained by private donations, corporate sponsors and grants. The mission of the Felicity Charity Fund is to assist homeless or recently rescued animals suffering from life-threatening conditions that require specific and immediate veterinarian care. We strive to help Good Samaritans who take in sick or injured animals.

Goals of the Program

The goal of the program is to help animals who would not receive treatment without the Felicity Charity Fund. These grants are available when ONE cat is in need of urgent care.

Felicity Charity Fund Goals:
• To help a rescued animal that has been recently taken from a life-threatening situation.
• To help pets with responsible owner who cannot afford the cost of urgent and life-saving care.

Due to the overwhelming number of applications we receive we may not be able to help everyone. Decisions are based on several factors including:
1. Medical urgency
2. Financial need
3. Available funds
4. Eligibility

Eligibility Guidelines

The applicant must:

1. Submit a completed application
2. Live in Louisiana or the Gulf Coast region
3. Be seeking assistance for one animal in need of urgent medical care
4. Obtain a diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan
5. Demonstrate financial need such as unemployment, public assistance
6. Have a plan to find a responsible care-giver or have a permanent home for the cat (if applicable)
7. Provide Spaymart with updates, photos and videos if Spaymart is able to help
8. Have a life-threatening, emergency condition that requires urgent and specific treatment.
9. All donations earmarked for specific Felicity Fund recipients in excess of medical expenses incurred, will be rolled over and applied to future recipients.

The veterinary clinic must

  • Be aware of the client’s financial need
  • Provide SpayMart with a written estimate of the treatment plan
  • Accept a check from Spaymart

The Felicity Fund CANNOT help if any of the following apply:
1. The animal’s treatment has been completed, and the animal is released from the clinic,
2. The animal’s medical results are for–
• spay/neuter
• ongoing illnesses such as diabetics or chemotherapy,
• routine care
• The injury/illness could have been prevented through standard routine care,
• You purchased this cat from a breeder, home breeder, or pet store, you have ever bred this animal or you breed other animals.
• You are the owner of the cat and have received assistance from the Felicity Charity Fund within the last twelve months.
• Felicity Funding resources have been depleted.

How you can apply

Read the above purpose statement and eligibility requirements carefully before you apply.

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We all thank you for the help.

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