Don’t Live Alone Give a Senior Cat a Home

Seniors for Seniors

SpayMart’s Seniors for Seniors program matches People (60+ years of age) with Senior Cats (6+ years of age) to provide companionship for the Person and a loving home for the Cat.  We have many wonderful, loving cats waiting for their forever homes.

As a senior, you are purr-fectly suited to enjoy a senior cat as a companion. You can benefit – both mentally and physically – from caring for a senior cat.   The cat will benefit, too, by moving from homelessness to a loving, permanent home.

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How it works

Step One

     Complete an adoption application Call 504-454-8200 or 601-749-0268.

Step Two

     Foster a Senior Cat.  Under the supervision of an experienced volunteer, you will foster the senior cat of your choice for 30 days. During the foster period, SpayMart will pay for the cat’s medical expenses.

Step Three

     Adopt.  If the foster arrangement works out well – for both you and the cat – you can then permanently adopt the cat at no charge.

Additionally, SpayMart will pay for one annual vet appointment.

Questions & Answers

What if I’ve never had a cat and don’t know how to care for one?

SpayMart provides written instructions and “tips for care.” Also, a counselor will be available to work with you throughout the fostering period and adoption process.

What if I already have a cat?

As your cat ages, s/he might need and enjoy a companion cat. An experienced counselor will advise you in introducing a new senior cat to your home.

Can I adopt a senior cat if I am handicapped or use a wheel chair?

Yes! Senior cats make purr-fect pets for handicapped seniors. Our counselors will show you how to do it – from grooming to arranging furniture to feeding.

What if I can no longer care for the cat?

SpayMart will take the cat back. No questions asked.