Update –  Rita is settling in beautifully at her wonderful new home.  A note from her new people –

 [quote]”We can’t thank you enough. You are so kind and informative! We enjoyed speaking with you. You are pretty amazing! Rita got comfortable quickly. As you said, she’s fabulous.” [/quote]

What an unbelievable personality!! Rita is constantly looking for an adventure. She accepts all us humans just the way we are, and is always ready to give unconditional love. Considering her story, her comeback is truly amazing. Sadly for Rita, a cat hoarder took her in and forced her to live in a small carrier for almost 2 years. In spite of the fact that she endured deplorable conditions, her spirit was never dampened. Her eyes say it all. Each new day is a blessing for her and she savors every minute of it, making up for lost time. All people and all other cats present an opportunity for Rita to have fun. You will find her totally irresistible.