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ARK Animal Hospital spay/neuter  FERALS ONLY $35.00    Appts: 504-834-0906

Friends of the Jefferson Parish Shelter has vouchers    FERALS $10  PETS $25

    At Jefferson Feed on Saturdays 10am-12pm(usually) call 504-733-8572 to verify time

LA/SPCA  FERALS $25   appts: 504-368-5191, ext. 141   Click for LA/SPCA spay/neuter info

Southern Animal Foundation  Cats $20  appointments:  504-975-7387


We have a dream for New Orleans ...

SpayMart is a humane society that has a dream - that we will wake up in a city no longer filled with hundreds of thousands of neglected and starving animals roaming the streets. We dream that dogs and cats will be sterilized by responsible owners or caregivers and that pets will not be euthanized because of a lack of good homes.

When the winters are warm or spring arrives, free roaming cats may breed as often as four times a year (instead of the usual two), adding to the overpopulation misery and costing our city almost a million dollars annually to kill these innocent animals.

SpayMart sterilizes thousands of animals each year through a low cost spay/neuter program that we offer to the public. Our dream can become a reality if every pet owner spayed or neutered his pet and took responsibility for sterilizing the strays in his neighborhood. It is cheaper and much more humane to sterilize young breeding animals than to kill their offspring.

Call our Cat Helpline at 838-9167 for help with sterilization and together we can see our dream of a humane city become reality.

Spaying and Neutering: Does it really help?

Spaying and neutering is probably the most important thing you can do for your new pet. We have all heard the arguments against these procedures. So why should you?

Pick your baby up and look deeply into his/her eyes. Now, would you do anything to jeopardize his health? Let's start with neutering. If this is done at an early age, before the hormones ever kick in, you will eliminate a lot of unwanted behavior.

We have many adult males that live in our foster homes and none of them sprays. They simply don't know how - not that they don't behave inappropriately at times - but they never spray. A neutered cat will not go out roaming around at night looking for that ever elusive female. They don't fight over "turf," consequently they don't spread disease. Also please note that large numbers of older unneutered males die of testicular cancer.

Spay or neuter your pet today. Image curtesy of
				  Why spay? Actually, for many of the same reasons you neuter. First, to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Spaying your cat will also lessen the chances of her getting certain cancers.

Just one pair of breeding cats and their offspring can produce 420,000 cats in seven years - 10 million in ten years. Do the math. It's not a pretty picture, considering most of these cats live a very hard life and usually meet with an untimely and unnatural death.

Most vets will not spay/neuter until the animal is 6 months of age or older. Our kittens are all sterilized at 2 pounds, unless there is a medical problem preventing it. This is a specialty done by clinics and shelters. Early age Spay/Neuter was developed out of necessity to cut down the birth rate. The reason most vets don't operate at this early age is simply because they are not trained to do so. Almost all SpayMart kittens are sterilized at 2 months of age. All are sterilized before going into permanent homes to ensure they will not reproduce and compound the very problem we're trying to fix.


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