Starla – ADOPTED!



ADOPTED! Starla found her Forever Home thanks to the Midnight Express Event!

Just another new intake black cat? Not to those who foster. For the people who foster kittens this cat is EXTREMELY important. Poor baby found its way to a shelter for unkown reasons. It was right on the table ready to be put to sleep which is the fate of MANY black cats. The vet at the last minute did another chip check. That chip saved this baby’s life. This was a Spaymart cat who obviously did not have a successful “happily ever after”. Most the foster moms depend on those chips to bring their baby home if its in trouble. A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into fostering tiny babies and we don’t do it so the cat ends up in a shelter being put to sleep. So this “dumb black cat” is EXTREMELY important for foster moms. Our system worked for this baby!!!! They are not sure yet the name of this cat as its a brand new intake.