This is why we do what we do. Thank you to our donors, volunteers, and adopters. You make this possible.


Pandora – ADOPTED!

Today was very happy for Pandora. She left the thrift store to go to her forever home. Congrats to Pandora and her new family!

Missy – ADOPTED!

Today, Missy left the thrift store to go to her forever home. Congrats to the happy family!!

Haydees – Adopted!

Our black Beauty was adopted today.  He will now have the forever home he has been wishing for after being surrender to the animal shelter by his previous owner. Congrats to the new family!!

Houdini – Adopted!

Today was a red letter day for Houdini. He found his forever home with Karen and Chris. He will have a sister named Cricket to play and snuggle with. Congrats to the entire family!!  

Mr. G – Adopted!

On Saturday Yoshi,  or as he was called GG or Mr. G, became Carolyn’s Valentine.  After the initial picture, he curled up and went to sleep in his Mom’s arms. Congrats to both!!

Angel – Adopted!

Today Angel  found her guardian angel and a forever home. Congrats to Ligia and Angel!!

Licorice and Blanco – Adopted!

Today Licorice and Blanco were adopted. They now have a forever home to celebrate Christmas in. Congrats to both cats and their new family!

Powder – Adopted!

Over the weekend Powder was adopted. He now has a forever home to celebrate Christmas in. Congrats to Powder and his new mom!!

Sylvia – Adopted!

Sylvia will be celebrating Thanksgiving in a special way today. Yesterday she was adopted into her forever home. Congrats to the new family!!

McDreamy – Adopted!

McDreamy found the forever home that he has been dreaming about since his rescue from the flood waters. Congrats to Mc Dreamy and his new mom!!

Francine – Adopted!

Monday was a big day for Francine! Francine has her own mom now, her adoption took place today. Congrats!!

Opal and Opie – Adopted!

This sister and brother pair received an early Halloween treat. They have been renamed Opal and Opie by their adoptive parents and now have their own forever home to run and play in. Congrats!!

Cassie and Katie – Adopted!

Cassie and Katie were adopted yesterday. The new parents were as excited as the girls about their adoption. Congrats!!

Lucia and Chester – Adopted!

Nicolina adopted Lucia and Chester (new name will be Pumpkin) today. It was hard to tell which of the 3 were the most excited. Congrats to the new family!

Boris – Adopted!

Today our love bug Boris was adopted. Congrats to Boris and his new mom!

Gypsy – Adopted!

Today our precious little Gypsy left the Thrift Store to go to her furrever home. Congratulations to the new family!!

Smokey – Adopted!

We wanted to post Smokey’s official adoption picture! Congrats to Smokey and his new family!!

Biscuit – Adopted!

Our big love bug Biscuit went to his forever home today with his new mom. Biscuit will have a sister at home to talk to. Congrats to all three!!

Misty – Adopted!

Over the weekend, our cute little copper eyed tabby found a forever home. She will have 2 sisters and a brother waiting for her at home. Congrats to Misty and her new family!

Marley – Adopted!

Today was a “red letter” day for Marley. He has a forever home and a sister cat named Minoux waiting to meet him. Congrats to Sister Marcy and Marley!


Mia was being fostered, Mia fell in love with her foster parents and asked them to adopt her. They did!! Congratulations to Mia and her new family!!

Ebony – ADOPTED!

Today was the day Ebony has dreamed about since leaving Hardy’s and coming to Spaymart. This lovely jewel with gorgeous eyes found her forever home with Patricia and her husband. Congrats to all!!

Jeb & Ziggy – ADOPTED!

While GiveNOLA may not have been successful today, Jeb and Ziggy were successful in finding their forever homes!! Congratulations to the new family!


Lucy was recently returned to us. She wasn’t back very long before Marilyn came in and fell in love immediately. She has promised Lucy a forever home and all the love she deserves. Congrats to both!

Wendy – ADOPTED!

Wendy found happiness and went to the forever home she has been patiently waiting for. She no longer has to share attention with the other cats at the thrift store. Congrats to Wendy and her new dad!!

Goldie & Smidge – ADOPTED!

Today was truly a golden day for Goldie and even more exciting for Smidge. Goldie and Smidge left together for their new home with Marcus and Holly to live the dream of “Family Life.” Congrats to all on their new family!


Our sweet Zoey from the “three Z’s group ” left this afternoon with Henry, her new dad.  Now that Zeus and Zoey have found their forever homes, they are praying brother Ziggy will soon find his. Congrats yo Zoey and Henry!!!!

Buddy – ADOPTED!

Today Buddy left life at the Thrift Store for his forever home.  Buddy said couldn’t wait to curl up on his new mom’s lap.  Congrats to Buddy and Jessie!


Today was a big day in Zeus’s life. He found the mom and dad of his dreams and left the shop for his forever home.  Zeus will have a brother that is also a tuxedo kitty. Congrats to Zeus and his new family!!


This afternoon, our beautiful blue-eyed sweetheart, Opal, left for her forever home with Pam. We are so happy for Opal, she is truly a gem. Congratulations on your new life together!

Gizmo – ADOPTED!

Today, Gizmo’s dreams of a forever home came true. Mary Lou adopted Gizmo and was so excited about taking him to his new home. Congratulations!!

Rebel – ADOPTED!

Our little angel has been adopted. Rebel is going to be pampered by his new family.  Congrats to Rebel and Corinne!!


Today Ben went to his forever home.  He now has a lovely family that will treat him like a king. Congrats to Ben and his lovely family!!

Skittles & Misty Blue – ADOPTED!

Saturday was the beginning of a new chapter in Skittles and Misty Blue’s lives, they were adopted. Nicole and Chad will make sure these two girls will always be happy and have the best that life has to offer. Thanks for adopting!!

Mario – ADOPTED!

Mario has his forever home thanks to John.  John surprised his wife with an early Valentine’s Day gift.  Yeah Mario,  its a match made in heaven! Congratulation to Mario and his new family!

Stoly – ADOPTED!

Stoly has wished for a forever home, since coming to the shop in November.  Today with his new adoptive mom Tiffanie,  they told all his friends at the shop goodbye. Yeah! Congrats to Stoly and his new family!


Today was Mack’s big day. Mack has a new mom and a furrever home. Mack is telling Whitney “lets hurry so I can go to my new home”. Congrats to both of them!

Jody and Sterling – ADOPTED!

Today Jody and Sterling left all their friends at the Thrift Store to go to their new home with Gavin and Karina. Congrats to the new family!

Lilah – ADOPTED!

Thank you Kélea for adopting Lilah from PetSmart in Slidell! She looks like she’s settling in to her new home great! Congrats you two on your future together!

Sugar – ADOPTED!

Today Sugar left with his new mom Jasmine for his furrever home. Both were so excited when they left. Congrats to you both!

ADOPTED – Spice!

Just in time for Christmas,  Spice went to her furrever home with Marcy! Congratulations you two on your new life together!

Prissy – ADOPTED!

Prissy was adopted on Thursday and is telling all her friends goodbye. She will be in her furrever home on Christmas morning.

Jimbo – Adopted!

Jimbo found his forever home today.  He was happy to be going home with Robin and will be the only cat.  All of the volunteers assured her that he would be the King of the Castle.  Thank you Robin, for giving our wonderful boy Jimbo a forever home. We will miss his tiny meows but […]

Prince – ADOPTED!

This afternoon Prince charmed him self into the hearts of these ladies for a furrever home.  He is pawing at  them to hurry and take him home. Congratulations to Prince and his new family!

Rocky – ADOPTED!

Rocky has been waiting patiently for the day when he would go to his promised forever home. Today he left the shop to be with his new family. Congrats to Rocky and family.


Lucy went to her forever home today!! Andy was so excited to take his girl home today that he was here early this morning to pick her up. Congrats to Lucy and Andy!!


Today was a happy day for Jake!  He now has a forever home of his own. Congrats to Jake and his new mom! We wish you guys a long and happy life together!

Chester – ADOPTED!

Chester is a very lucky little guy. He was adopted today and has not one but TWO  mommies! What a very lucky little man! Congratulations on the new family Chester!!

Flurry – ADOPTED!

Today was Flurry’s big day! Flurry, now called Dottie, was adopted today. Her new mom said “It was love at first sight”.  Both mom and Dottie were so excited today when they left the shop. Congrats!!!!

Patches & Tipsy – ADOPTED!

Siblings Tipsy and Patches went to their forever home together today. Paula fell in love with them and couldn’t split them up. Congrats to Paula and her new family members!

Boogie Boy – ADOPTED!

  Today all of Boogie Boy’s dreams came true. Mary Ellen adopted him today and took our sweet man to his forever home. Congratulations you two!!


Today was Toby’s big day. His long awaited adoption finally happened and Barry was just as excited as Toby to bring his little man home. We’re sure going to miss this guy at the thrift store, but so happy he’s getting 24/7 attention and love! Congrats to both!!

Lilah – ADOPTED!

  Lilah and Lona stopped by the thrift store to make Lilah’s adoption official. Congrats to two beautiful ladies!!

Snowy – ADOPTED!

Yesterday Snowy, now named Samson, got his wish for a forever home!  Paula said it was love at first sight.  We are so HAPPY for this little man and his new family! Congratulations to these two!

Callie – ADOPTED!

Foster fail – or is it? Ellen has been fostering Callie and over the weekend, during our special adoption event, Callie and Ellen decided to make it permanent. Both are excited to start their forever life together! Congratulations to Ellen and Callie!!

Frost – ADOPTED!

We’re happy to announce that today Frost, now called Snowball, left the shop with Katherine to go to his forever home. Frost/Snowball has a new sister waiting for him at home! Congratulations to our new happy family!

Crystal – ADOPTED!

Today Crystal, now called Sapphire, found out that she has that forever home she has been waiting for. Violeta and Sapphire are very happy about the adoption and can’t wait to start their new life together!

Tommy – ADOPTED!

Today Tommy moved out of the thrift store into his forever home with Sharon and Natalie! Tommy was one of our kittens in the thrift store who is full of energy and lots of play. He is going to be missed, but we’re so happy to send him on to a great forever home! Congratulations!

Tucker – ADOPTED!

  Today was Tucker’s big day!  He was adopted and is going to live with Sonia and her husband in Tennessee. This is going to be a very  pampered and rotten little guy. Congratulations to Tucker and his new family!


It didn’t take long for Maxx to choose a family and today he did! We’re excited to say Maxx found his furrever home today! He has since shortened his name to just Max and is living out the ‘high life’ with his new other 7 cat siblings! Since his adoption Max has adjusted well to his […]

ADOPTED! Twerk & Gizmo

  Guess who went their new home yesterday?!? …and TOGETHER!!!! Their new mom came in to see another cat, saw Twerk and Gizmo and fell in love immediately when they started loving up on her. Later she saw them interacting with each other and knew they had to go home with her! Congratulations to our […]

Julius – ADOPTED!

  ADOPTED! Julius went to his forever home with mom Shea. He is telling his mom lets go now, I want to meet my brother Javier!   Julius is a cute brown tabby who, along with his three siblings, was rescued from a dumpster when he was just a few weeks old. Julius is now about […]

Smudge & Simone – ADOPTED!

  ADOPTED! These two lovely cats found their forever thanks to some great shoppers at our Spaymart Thrift Store! How lucky are they to have found each other?!


  ADOPTED! Thanks to the Midnight Express Event, our adult male black cat, Moe, with a beautiful personality found his forever home! Congratulations to the new family!

Starla – ADOPTED!

  ADOPTED! Starla found her Forever Home thanks to the Midnight Express Event! Just another new intake black cat? Not to those who foster. For the people who foster kittens this cat is EXTREMELY important. Poor baby found its way to a shelter for unkown reasons. It was right on the table ready to be put […]


  ADOPTED! Congratulations to Blue and his new family! Blue has been waiting a long time to find his forever home as he required a family with a lot of love and patience – He  finally found them! Enjoy your new lives together!

Grizzie Bear – ADOPTED!

  ADOPTED! Grizzie Bear, now named Cosmo, went to his forever home. His new mom & Spaymart volunteer, Marianne, fell in love with him at the thrift store the first time she went into his enclosure to clean! Congratulations to the two of you!

CiCi – Adopted!

  ADOPTED!   CiCi was a young momma when she and her kittens were rescued. All of the kittens have been adopted and now it’s CiCi’s turn. She’s a gentle, friendly and loving cat. She is a quiet girl and loves nothing better than to be held.  

Sparkle – Adopted!

  ADOPTED!    Sparkle has been with SpayMart for a while and she thinks it’s high time to find a forever home. She loves to snuggle with Rudolph and Nemo. Rescued in a cruelty case, living in deplorable conditions with 100 other cats, his life involved little contact with people or the outside world. The […]

Mustang Sally – Adopted!

  ADOPTED!   Hours before Hurricane Isaac, the sanctuary got a call regarding a small, orange tabby kitten taking shelter on a woman’s porch in Gretna. She explained that the kitten looked sick, with runny eyes and extremely thin. The little creature would have to ride the storm out on her porch because she owned […]

Simon Adopted!

Simon Adopted! Simon has been adopted!  He is a young, super sweet red and white young cat. We’re not sure how he found us, but he wandered up to the sanctuary. He is fairly young (less than a year as of May 2014). And is just beautiful and friendly.

Sweet Nelson – Adopted!

Sweet Nelson Adopted! Sweet Nelson was abandoned and left at the front of the Thrift Store with a note saying they were no longer able to care for him. He is a very sweet, petite light red Persian. This little guy would make a wonderful new family member. Nelson loves to purr and be petted. […]

Dootsie – Adopted

Dootsie Adopted! Dootsie has been through rough times. His owner lost her home after the storm, leaving all her cats homeless. Her person did the best she could, which was to house her cats in cages until it became inhumane to do so any longer. Next she found a friend to foster the kitties. When […]

Montana Adopted!

Montana Adopted ! Montana is an ambitious, playful, energetic black and white cat. He didn’t know what he was in for when he jumped over the fence at the sanctuary and was ‘greeted’ by the local cats. He’s doing great now and would love to look for new adventures with you.  

Ellie Adopted

Ellie Adopted! Ellie is an absolutely gorgeous dilute calico cat with dark eyeliner around her eyes. Ellie is one of a litter of 5 feral calico kittens found at a print shop. All of her siblings have been adopted and now it’s her turn. Ellie is a beautiful, lively young cat. This sweetie is longing […]

Romulus Adopted!

Romulus Adopted! Romulus is a wonderful cat. We don’t know how he ended up wandering the streets in Gulfport, MS totally matted and hungry. He was adopted from Spaymart several years ago and luckily his microchip alerted the local shelter so we could reclaim him. He is laid-back and totally gorgeous. He would be a […]


Adopted! Rudolph was adopted with Nemo! Rudolph is especially remarkable with his unusual markings, one white whisker and full face. He is very friendly, purrs a lot, makes biscuits and loves to cuddle with other cats and people. Rescued in a cruelty case, living in deplorable conditions with 100 other cats, his life involved little […]


Adopted! Nemo was adopted with Rudolph! Nemo and her two sisters, who have been adopted, were rescued as very little kittens out on their own. She was bottle fed by one of our wonderful volunteers and is now ready to find a home of her own. She loves to cuddle with humans as well as […]

George Adopted!

George Adopted! Sweet George has been adopted!  George is a lovely young white and orange cat (about 4 months old in Aug 2014) who was found at a fast food restaurant, Now instead of scrounging for food, he likes nothing better than to play with other cats or take a nice nap at a fast […]

Buddy & Tommy ADOPTED

Buddy and Tommy ADOPTED! It’s sometimes tough to be a pet when your human falls on hard times. Buddy and Tommy have experienced this first hand. These babies were surrendered when their dad could no longer afford to keep them. SpayMart could not allow them to be euthanized at a kill shelter so they went […]

Amazing Grace

Adopted! Amazing Grace can run and play like most other 3 month old kittens. At only 8 weeks of age, she was a victim of unfathomable cruelty. Placed in a paper bag and thrown over the Power Blvd overpass, she landed 50’ below on I-10E, facing oncoming traffic. Spotted by an EMT who witnessed the […]


Moochie Adopted! Moochie loves giving kisses and purring. She is gentle, sweet and DECLAWED on 4 paws. She was adopted from SpayMart as a kitten and came back to us after her person’s mother fell ill. She is very confused about why she is here and just wants the chance to show a new person […]


Gingi Adopted! Gingi has known his share of trouble in his short life. He was living on the street with a group of feral cats when he was hit by a car and his leg was broken. He did his best to walk on the leg until it got infected and the colony caretaker trapped […]


Adopted! I will never understand how someone could throw a kitten away, especially one as fantastic as Cupid. Cupid was about 6 months old (September 2014) when he was rescued after being tossed from a car in Lafreniere Park by a man who had his children in the car with him. Cupid is absolutely beautiful […]


The Beatles Adopted! Paul and his brothers Ringo, George and John are identical except for eye color. Paul has the blue eyes. All four of these exquisite kittens (about 3 months old Aug 2014) were found in a dumpster in Slidell. How could anyone do that to these gorgeous kittens? They are each more of […]


Minnie Adopted! ADOPTED! Minnie is as cute as can be. She was the tiniest of a litter of kittens found at a local school. Her siblings have been adopted. Minnie is about 4 months old (as of Aug 2014) and totally full of fun.  


ADOPTED! Penny was adopted as a kitten from SpayMart and is hoping to find a loving home like the one she had before her person ended up in the hospital and unable to care for her. She’s a friendly, loving cat that is always looking for more loving and pets. Penny loves to roll on […]

Marie Laveau adopted

Adopted! Marie Laveau has had a difficult time of it. She wandered away cold and starving from a feral colony and introduced herself to nice man that started feeding her. They bonded nicely and she helped him through the hard times as his health declined. He reached out and asked for someone to please take […]


ADOPTED Patty was found in Gretna by a SpayMart volunteer who lives out of state. She’s petite, young and SUPER sweet. Patty purrs and does everything possible to please.  She even wraps her paws around your neck and gives kisses.  


Sonia Adopted! Sonia is a true, long haired beauty. She’s affectionate, loving and loves to roll over for pets. She was rescued from a parking lot in an elementary school where she had been hit by a car. She was severely injured and miraculously was able to survive somehow. When she came to SpayMart she […]


Kasia Adopted! Kasia is an adorable kitten ready for a loving home. She is a cutie with a fun loving personality. Kasia loves to play with her siblings, and snuggle and cuddle, and then play some more. She is a precious girl. And like most Spaymart cats, she’s used to being around other kitties.


Maddie is Adopted! Maddie’s entry into the world was not the best. Her mother was in a trap and headed to the vet the next morning, but all seven of her kittens, including Maddie were born before the ever made it to the doctor. All of the kittens had numerous ailments and had to be […]


Panda is Adopted! Panda is a great older cat with an especially sweet and friendly disposition. Panda is an affectionate and gentle declawed boy who is also and a big talker. He was part of the Seniors for Seniors program and was enjoying life until his person became too ill to care for him any […]


Adopted!   Odie and his brother lived with the same person for 12 years before the woman had a baby and there was no longer a place for them. Odie is a shy older all white cat. He is very sweet once he warms up and he just wants to be loved. He may need some […]


Adopted!!   Cain is a funny boy who stands up on his two back legs — commanding attention. This gorgeous silver tabby is just adorable. He is sweet and gentle and enjoys gettng pets! Cain and his brother Abel, were resuced from a restaurant near the Rigolets waterway close to Lake Pontchartrain. The area was mosquito […]


ADOPTED! Hardy is a sweet kitten with the cutest little face. He is a curious and playful boy, who gets along well with other cats. He would make a great addition to any family. Come meet Hardy at the SpayMart Thrift Shop.  


ADOPTED!   Heidi and her sister Solara are two wonderful orange FEMALE kittens. It is unusual for an orange cat to be a female. These two sisters are simply irresistible. They are the true definition of “kitten”, curious and playful, yet sweet and friendly. Heidi is an outgoing and affectionate kitten, who loves to snuggle and […]


Dori is Adopted! ADOPTED!!   Dori and her brother Nemo were rescued as very little kittens out on their own. She was bottle fed by one of our wonderful volunteers and is now ready to find a home of her own. She’s a sweet little cat that would make a fantastic addition to your home.


Chloe ADOPTED!! Chloe is a super sweet and friendly kitten, who absolutely loves people. She rolls on her back for belly rubs and enjoys human affection. Chloe has a soft, sleek black coat of fur with a white spot on chest. She is adorable!


ADOPTED! Beautiful Pippa! She’s a shy girl and is in a foster home getting her confidence up. She is the softest girl. Blue eyes, lynx ears, and a bob-tail. If you see this gorgeous girl you will absolutely fall in love. Pippa was pregnant and living with a feral colony when she was rescued from […]


ADOPTED! Beanie was adopted several years ago and thought life was pretty good until her person decided to retire and didn’t want to be bothered with Beanie, Lisette and Nola. Beanie is a friendly cat and has adjusted but would love to find a forever home.


ADOPTED! Lisette was adopted several years ago and thought life was pretty good until her person decided to retire and didn’t want to be bothered with Lisette, Beanie, and Nola. Lisette is stunningly beautiful with her long grey hair. She is shy at first and may need some time to adjust, but would love to […]

Lily Louie

ADOPTED! Lily Louie had a person, but for a reason no one understands, she no longer wanted a cat and was taking her to animal control when a neighbor stepped up and adopted Lily Louie. Things were going well until Lily Louie’s new person unexpectedly died in his apartment, leaving the cat to be discovered […]


ADOPTED!  Jacque, along with his brother Pierre, was rescued from the Rigolets. Jacque is the outgoing sibling. He is full of fun and would bring joy to your family.


ADOPTED! Oscar and his brother Odie are brown tabbies with curly tails. These two lovable little boys were taken as infants from a feral colony who called Shoney’s in Slidell home. Many cats congregate and eat there because of an apartment complex nearby where owners move and leave their pets behind. These two never meet […]


ADOPTED! Odie and his brother Oscar are brown tabbies with curly tails. These two lovable little boys were taken as infants from a feral colony who called Shoney’s in Slidell home. Many cats congregate and eat there because of an apartment complex nearby where owners move and leave their pets behind. These two never meet […]


ADOPTED! Sabrina with her new brother enjoying an afternoon of birdwatching. Sabrina was adopted by a wonderful woman and her daughter who recognize that black cats have a difficult time getting adopted. So, they adopted two!


ADOPTED! Thumper is truly an extraordinarily handsome cat and super sweet too. Thumper resembles a Maine Coon with lots of gorgeous fur and tufted ears. He is about 3 years old and such a love bug. He does not want to be left out, and has learned how to squeeze through the door to get […]


ADOPTED!  Solara has the most wonderful swirled orange coat. She is gorgeous! Plus it is unusual for an orange cat to be a female. Solara and her sister Heidi are simply irresistible. They are the true definition of “kitten”, curious and playful, yet sweet and friendly. Solara is an affectionate kitten, who will make a […]


ADOPTED! Sephira is a sweet, shy, young snowshoe siamese. She tends to stay to herself and watch what is happening around her. She’d love the chance to live in a home and a have a place of her own to explore.


ADOPTED! Pierre, along with his brother Jacque, was rescued from the Rigolets. Pierre is a little timid, but given time, he is a lot of fun and has a love to share.


ADOPTED! Seymour is a gorgeous fellow. Shy at first, but once he warms up, he’s very sweet and will be your best friend. He gets along well with the other cats and enjoys exploring new spots to sleep.


ADOPTED!  If it’s looks and a cute personality you’re looking for, look no more, because Vivie has it all. Vivie is a beauty both inside and out! She is a Maine coon mix and was rescued by SpayMart in a cruelty case. Living at the home of a hoarder with 100 other cats in just […]


ADOPTED! Buff is big beautiful cat. His present state is quite a contrast to his condition upon arriving at the Spaymart shelter. When Buff was rescued by Spaymart from a hoarder, his large frame seemed tiny, he was little more than bones and fur. He has really filled out now and we call him the […]


ADOPTED! Fox was rescued as part of a cruelty case, living with 100 other cats in just one room, at the home of a hoarder. He was hungry and cold for most of his young life, only to spend the next several years at the Spaymart shelter. He never complains and is so grateful for […]


ADOPTED!  Sybil lived with a family for about seven years until a new baby arrived and there wasn’t room for Sybil anymore. She’s a sweet girl and is doing okay but is confused about why she can’t go home. Sybil would love to find a new family to share her life with. Can you be […]


ADOPTED! Misha is an outgoing and totally affectionate kitty. She absolutely loves attention and climbs right into your lap the moment you sit down. She is just adorable and would make a great companion. Like most Spaymart cats, she’s used to being around other kitties.


ADOPTED! Carmen is a beautiful, sweet and lovable girl. Her fur is stunning and she knows it! She loves people and wants love and attention. Carmen is super outgoing and will follow you around just like a dog. This bundle of love is a great all around cat, ready for a family to love!


ADOPTED!    Girly thought she had it made. She was at the sanctuary with her Mom when she got adopted as a young cat. Life was great. She and her person were best friends until her person moved to a new apartment and didn’t take Girly with her. Now this sweet, loving young cat is […]


ADOPTED!   Much of Tux’ s early life is a mystery. He was adopted through SpayMart as a small kitten and the only thing that saved his life, is a Spaymart microchip. His previous owner failed to register him with the microchip tracking company after his adoption. Consequently, when he ended up at a local shelter […]


ADOPTED! Snowball spent most of his early years at the SpayMart Sanctuary. Then, magically, a staff member who cared for him and his best friend, David, decided to adopt both. He adored the one on one attention, definitely approved of canned treats every night, and sleeping in bed with his new person. Due to circumstances […]


ADOPTED! Rosie started her life at the home of a hoarder, “existing” in one room with 100 other cats. They lived in cold and darkness and were no stranger to hunger. The abuse and neglect was unforgivable. She has emerged as a gentle, loving little creature, who asks for nothing more than a little love […]


ADOPTED! Treat is a most handsome orange and white kitty who is declawed on his front paws. He is a friendly boy, who loves people! Spaymart took Treat in when his owner moved and could not take her pets with her. After many months Treat found a home with an older man who loved him […]


ADOPTED! Twila is a quiet, sweet girl that mostly stays to herself. She’d love the chance to live in a home so she could show her true sweet nature. She has found that home!! Yeah!


ADOPTED – Swifty was trapped in old Metairie, was a very young, very wild kitten but due to attention and affection he received at Thrift Store, he became a calm, loving and affectionate kitty. He went to his forever home on Friday, the 13th and has a new friend. He is happy living in Uptown […]

Tiger and Alegra

ADOPTED!  Tiger along with his sister Alegra are a bunde of kitten fun. They would love to bring that joy to your home.  


ADOPTED! Shala, along with his two brothers, was rescued by a neighbor who found them on a porch and was worried that the big dog would get them. They came to Spaymart in mid-May 2013 at a mere four or five weeks old. The two red headed males have been adopted. Shala, a gorgeous, spunky […]


ADOPTED! Flambeaux is at the Thrift Shop waiting for someone to love! This adorable fluffy boy is about 5 months old. He can be a little shy at first, but it doesn’t take long for him to warm up. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to lay in a lap and turn on his loud purring motor! […]


UPDATE – Our beautiful Cookie was adopted! Cookie is a sweet cat who loves everyone! She is calm and gentle and purrs constantly – with the softest fur you have ever felt! Her favorite thing to do is snuggle up for scratches and love. Cookie was living on the property of a school in the […]


ADOPTED!! This beauty somehow ended up at an area shelter with her 3 exquisite little sisters, at the tender age of 2 weeks.  Scheduled for euthanasia, because they were too young to eat on their own, the Spaymart sanctuary agreed to rescue them.  As they grew, each turned out to be more beautiful than the […]


ADOPTED!! DECLAWED Himalayan.   Gorgeous seal point kitty.   Affectionate older cat who make a great companion.    


ADOPTED!! Update –  Rita is settling in beautifully at her wonderful new home.  A note from her new people –  [quote]”We can’t thank you enough. You are so kind and informative! We enjoyed speaking with you. You are pretty amazing! Rita got comfortable quickly. As you said, she’s fabulous.” [/quote] What an unbelievable personality!! Rita […]


ADOPTED!! Phantom is a sweet boy with one white whisker.  He loves to be petted and makes every visitor feel special.    His very favorite thing is to jump on a lap for a nice snuggle.  He  came to the SpayMart sanctuary as a kitten and is still looking for a permanent home.  


ADOPTED!! Trick is a handsome DECLAWED white and orange boy.   He is very easy going and likes to find a nice high spot to take a good nap.   He loves people and gets along well with other cats.   Trick came to the SpayMart when his longtime person had to move and couldn’t take him with […]


ADOPTED!! Jolie is a gorgeous girl who is very, very relaxed and laid back.  She loves to find a nice place to nap and welcomes all pets and loving.   Jolie is happy around people and other cats.   She is about two years old.    


ADOPTED!! Neo is a beautiful, sweet boy with soft blue eyes.   He is very friendly and loves people and gets along well with other cats.   Neo would make a great addition to your home.   He is approximately two years old.    


ADOPTED!! Pandora is a sweet girl who was adopted by a great family at the Back in Black event on May 12, 2012. Way to go Pandora!  


ADOPTED!! Mazie is a beautiful calico about 5 years old. She lived with 2 other cats, one of them being her closest pal. Their owner loved all three very much and provided the best home she possibly could until she lost her home in foreclosure. She tried desperately to hang on, for her sake and the […]


ADOPTED!! Simone is a GORGEOUS girl with lovely eyes.   She is sweet and loves visitors and being petted.   Simone gets along with the other cats but she likes to be in charge deciding who sleeps where.   She enjoys a nice cozy spot in the sun and curling up for a long nap.  Simone would make […]

Mr B

ADOPTED!! Mr. B is a big gentle boy, front DECLAWED, and completely full of love. He is quite handsome too, with beautiful crystal blue eyes. Mr. Bs first owner was quite elderly. They had 2 or 3 happy years together before he passed away leaving Mr. B homeless. He had nowhere to go but a […]


ADOPTED!! VELVET is a true love. She is beautiful too, with long silky fur! And Velvet is a polydactyl! Velvet adores people and attention. Velvet’s owner was a very dear friend of SpayMart who passed away last Spring. Shortly thereafter Velvet’s brother, Danny, had to be euthanized due to bone cancer. Velvet’s world was turned […]


ADOPTED!! Willow is as sweet as she is stunning.   She loves to be petted and pose like a movie star.    Willow came to the sanctuary when her person had to move out of the country and could not take her along.   She is approximately six years old.    


ADOPTED!! Pearl is declawed.  Adopted by a loving family with an eight year old son, Pearl is a sweet girl who knows all about the good life.    But on one ill-fated night, her world would never be the same. The only thing she remembers is terrifying shots ringing though the house and desperately looking for a […]


ADOPTED!! Tears is a precious kitty. She absolutely loves people, and meows to say hello. She falls to the ground and rolls over on her back to get affection. Tears came to Spaymart when her elderly owner was evicted from her apartment. Tears is an outgoing girl ready for a family to love! And like […]


ADOPTED!! Darla is candy to the eyes–like a true Maine Coon! She’s only about 6 years old and t took some time for her to emerge after the neglect she endured. Darla lived for many years in the home of a hoarder with over 100 other cats. Shes known hunger, disease and hopelessness, as she watched […]


ADOPTED!! In just seconds, you’ll want to call her “My Belle,” she’s so pretty now.  Survivor of the wicked Katrina and the complete disappearance of her owner, she nearly died of starvation and disease. Mabel loves to air her long black hair in the sunshine.   It’s as if she’s just waiting for LOVE to choose her. […]


ADOPTED!! Daisy is declawed.  Adopted by a loving family with an eight year old son, Daisy is a sweet girl.  She knows all about the good life.   But on one ill-fated night, her world would never be the same. The only thing she remembers is terrifying shots ringing though the house and desperately looking for a […]


ADOPTED!! Juliette is one of the sweetest ladies we’ve come across! And if Juliette could talk, you’d know why. She and 14 other cats weathered Katrina in a pen in back of her house. It must have been a night to remember. If it hadn’t been for a kind neighbor who brought them water and […]


ADOPTED!! Mimi will capture your heart with her soft, gentle nature. Although she is only a few years old, her eyes say it all. You can tell she has known happiness with days she thought would never end and days where her destiny hung in the balance. Her owner is a kind, soft spoken woman, […]


ADOPTED!! As her name implies, Bella is quite beautiful, with her regal pose and long, luxurious coat, she is the envy of the feline world. At only 8 months of age, her personality matches her appearance, spunky but somewhat reserved, playful with a dash of aloofness, and loving but also a tease. She and her […]