ADOPTED!   Much of Tux’ s early life is a mystery. He was adopted through SpayMart as a small kitten and the only thing that saved his life, is a Spaymart microchip. His previous owner failed to register him with the microchip tracking company after his adoption. Consequently, when he ended up at a local shelter and was scanned, he was traced back to Spaymart. The shelter called to say Tux needed to be euthanized because of a rather large lesion on his nose that looked to be malignant. Spaymart picked up Tux and had him examined by the sanctuary vet before making the decision to euthanize. That was his lucky day as the lesion turned out to be nothing more than an allergic reaction to mosquitos. After one steroid shot and getting him off the streets, there is no trace of a lesion. He is truly a handsome man: funny and cute, rolling over for attention when someone approaches. He is ready to give humans another chance but insists on in-door only and lots of love.