And Out of the Corner of Your Eye...

What is it about Apparition Cats that makes them so special? You catch a glimpse and then they’re gone… then one day, their little heads are slipped under your hand for a touch that somehow means more than all the other pets you’ve ever given.

We can’t always tell you why our Apparitions are the way they are. We often don’t know what their lives were like before they came to us. But we know these silent kitties tend to be wonderful with other cats and do eventually learn to trust and interact with their loving humans as well.

Right now, we have four Apparition Cats who would be amazing additions to your family:


Gracie was tossed from a moving car – seriously – but that’s not the first thing she wants you to know about her. She survived and thrived and she’s one cool cool kitty. Mysterious but unafraid, she’s the queen of meditation and the art of chill. She’ll want you to prove yourself, but she’s always ready to meet your gaze.


One of 73 cats who came to SpayMart in 2016 following a flood in SE Louisiana, Belle is a loving and gentle soul who just needs your patience to blossom. She’s great with other cats but not dogs, and loves her laser pointer. She welcomes petting and love after you get to know her.


Found in a Domino’s parking lot by a SpayMart staffer, this pretty girl will hide until the canned food comes out, then follow up her favorite meal with a petting and loving session! She’s fine with other gentle cats, doesn’t like dogs, and is equal parts sweet and spicy (but never bites!) when she feels comfortable.


Breathtakingly beautiful, it’s hard to believe Spree was found living inside a tire in an auto body shop. Her background wasn’t happy and it’s left her guarded, but we’ve seen her loving side and it’s well worth waiting for! If you are calm, patient, and have no dogs in the family, please consider letting her into your heart!

We can help you understand these stealth cats and decide if opening your home to one of them is right for you. It might be the best thing you ever do… for both of you! Contact