Felicity Veterinary Fund

NOTE: As of May 30, 2024, after a long string of very costly medical cases, the Felicity Fund is temporarily out of money. We are unable to provide care from this source at this time. We are working to replenish the Fund and will announce it here when it’s open again. Please donate to our veterinary fund!

SpayMart’s Felicity Veterinary Fund provides financial support for pet owners facing veterinary crises without the ability to pay. The fund is maintained via donations and grants, and SpayMart reviews applications for assistance, providing support according to need. The Felicity Veterinary Fund helps keep pets in homes and out of shelters and helps families care for their pets despite challenging circumstances.

SpayMart’s Felicity Veterinary Fund was founded when a little brown tabby stray (who we later named Felicity because she was struck by a car on Felicity St.) was terribly injured and in need of immediate medical care. When news of her plight hit Facebook, a generous donor stepped up and covered all her expenses. Felicity was later adopted by SpayMart co-founder Pam Casey and lived to be almost 17 years old. The donor encouraged us to start a fund to enable homeless animals, as well as those animals belonging to financially challenged families, to access veterinary care in times of a medical crisis.

The fund has saved countless animal lives and will continue to do so as long as resources are available.

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