Fostering a cat while he or she waits for adoption may be the most important thing you can do to help them. Why?
  • Being in foster is always less stressful than being in a shelter for a cat.
  • Cats who used to have a home will feel more comfortable in a home environment.
  • Foster caregivers are able to give us more in-depth information about a cat’s personality, allowing us to make a better adoption match.
  • Cats in need of special care will be able to get it from fosters willing to take on a special needs cat.
  • Temporary fostering allows people to have the joy of a cat in their life even if they can’t make a longterm committment.
  • People who foster can have feline companionship while we pay the bills.
  • Foster caregivers have first right to adopt the pet they’re fostering if they choose.

Help Kittens

What it is?

SpayMart’s Kitten Foster Program was created as an adjunct to our adoption program to help us focus on finding great homes for kittens and adolescent cats. Young kittens are especially vulnerable in municipal shelters, and we’re proud to partner with Jefferson SPCA to help reduce their population. The Kitten Foster Program serves the Greater New Orleans area.

Interested in becoming a foster caregiver? Complete the Foster Application and we’ll be in touch.

How it Works

The Kitten Foster Program takes in abandoned and neonatal kittens from Jefferson SPCA and, to a lesser extent, the public. SpayMart volunteers foster the kittens until they’re old enough for adoption. Prior to adoption we make sure every kitten is sterilized, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and treated for parasites.

To qualify, kittens must be free-roaming and no more than 4 months of age. Vetting services are offered to the public at reduced prices by participating veterinarians. The program is based on a voucher system that is supervised by the program coordinators.

When they’re ready, the kittens are placed for adoption at our partner Petsmart stores. Many find homes through the efforts of their foster families, as well. We’re proud to say that SpayMart’s Kitten Foster Program finds homes for more than 450 kittens each year! 

Note: All of our animals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and ready to go home!