Fostering a cat while he or she waits for adoption may be the most important thing you can do to help them. Why?

  • Being in foster is always less stressful than being in a shelter for a cat.
  • Cats who used to have a home will feel more comfortable in a home environment.
  • Foster caregivers are able to give us more in-depth information about a cat’s personality, allowing us to make a better adoption match.
  • Cats in need of special care will be able to get it from fosters willing to take on a special needs cat.
  • Temporary fostering allows people to have the joy of a cat in their life even if they can’t make a longterm committment.
  • People who foster can have feline companionship while we pay the bills.
  • Foster caregivers have first right to adopt the pet they’re fostering if they choose.