Thank you so much for your interest in opening up your home to foster a shelter cat in need! Below are our primary featured cats in need of foster homes, but 95% of the cats on this site are foster candidates.  To find out more information about foster care, please email

Sweet Nelson is a Purebred Persian who needs special food and meds, and ideally would be fostered in close proximity to the Magazine st Animal Clinic.
Tipster and Simone are kittens with cerebellar hyposplasia. They have difficulty getting around, but we keep their living areas cushioned with blankets, and they do great using the litterbox, eating and drinking.
Kate and her 3 kittens need a short foster commitment. Her 3 babies could use some socialization, and Kate would be much happier with them in a quieter place.
Odie is the biggest love bug. He has a special feeding stand that will come with him to his foster or forever home. He could use a break from the shelter.
Toriana is a beautiful, sweet girl who needs a foster home comfortables with giving insulin shots daily.
Sophia June is another diabetic girl, but she's very scared at the shelter, and we believe she needs a quieter environment to be able to settle down. She will need a patient foster also comfortable with giving insulin shots.