Need Help?

Sometimes life throws us a curve, and it can be a struggle to get vet care, food, supplies, or even to keep your pet. We wish SpayMart could help every needy pet parent, but our resources are limited. However, we do want to help you find the assistance you need to keep your pet healthy and happy in your loving home, or find a new home if that is the best solution for the challenges your family is facing.

If You Are Struggling with a Pet You Adopted from SpayMart

Finding a New Home for a Pet

Because we are a small, primarily foster-based organization, the more advance notice you can give us that there’s a problem, the better. Please reach out to us at as soon as you start wondering if something’s not working – a behavior issue, a medical problem, or a financial or housing challenge.

We will work closely with you to find the best solution for you and your beloved pet! And if it becomes necessary, please know we are always here for any cats you adopted from us.

If you need to rehome your pet, it’s much less stressful for them to go directly from your home to their new home. Please visit Adopt-A-Pet’s Rehoming website and list your pet for adoption, then share the link to your personal Facebook and other social media accounts. Ask your friends to share.

If your cat is from SpayMart, please email their photo(s) and description to and we’ll feature them on our social media.

We also strongly suggest you make a flyer for them and post to local non-animal businesses where allowed.

Pet Food and Supplies (Cat litter, etc.)

Pet food and supply assistance can be found in the New Orleans area through the Louisiana SPCA’s Food Pantry.

Spay/Neuter and Vet Help

There are also a number of national organizations that exist to assist with medical care for pet owners in need of assistance. Each of them serves a different need and has different application requirements, but can be a lifeline for many pets.